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Monday, July 22, 2013

NY Photo Diary

A collection of photos I took during my trip to New York over a week ago. Some instagrammed, most not, but anyhowizzle, enjoy!

1. Übering it from the airport in Siwy jeans, NewBalance sneakers, Zara black leather tote with an Alexander McQueen scarf attached.

2. Walking down le plage in Southampton.

3. Attempting to be artsy via mirrored Raybansunglasses propped a top a Dannijo phone case.

4. Oreo birthday cake cookies for the win. Although not pictured, I hiiiiighly recommend you try their peanut butter cookies. They take the cake.

5. Amazingly delicious menu from my amazing friend's graduation party. Seriously great Mexican food by Toloache. 

6. Said friend in a fresh and easy dress she got from Zara “a million years ago.” You can find a similar one here

7. My favorite dish of the night. Manchego cheese quesadillas with corn and black truffle oil. Om nom nom nom.

8. Most amazingly delicious yet somehow underrated appetizer from Via Quadronno.

9-11. Being sneaky at the MET and taking photos of the Punk Exhibit. If you haven’t seen it, and are in NY, I suggest you do! Also, check out the Rain Room exhibit. I tried to go but the line wrapped around the entire block, but it looks very, very cool.

12. Magical entrance leading to a bunch of Cynthia Rowley’s neoprene goodies at her upper east side store.

13. Perhaps even more magical though is the candy/gift store upstairs… it’s like she knows me.

14. Really great chicken fried rice with a yolky egg on top at The General where they even had a room for me!

15. Said room. Jazz’s room!

16. My favorite slash the best spicy tuna pizza I’ve ever come across from Ginza uptown.

17. For those of you who don't know, I'm really big on sweets. Like reaaaaallly big, and I must say that this little treat from Maison Kayser is top 5 best desserts I've ever had. Maybe even top 3. I really wish I could tell the guy who recommended I get this how grateful and happy I am that he/this heavenly Mochachinno deliciousness exists. Seriously, it’s unreal.

18. My favorite flowers in Central Park. It’s like they're really eager to touch the sky or perhaps they're just reaching for the stars.

19. Finding love in a hopeless place better known as the Barney's shoe floor. They are no monk straps but these Manolo Blahnik wingtip oxfords are to die for and currently on my wishlist. More on these bad boys soon.

20. Arguably the most authentic brewski one can have in NYC at Hofbräu Bierhaus.

21. Remember my friend Olive? That’s her wearing a very cute dress from Maje that reminds me of Isabel Marant, and me wearing what my mom likes to call “my grandma blazer” from Zara. More on my outfit soon.

22. More pwetty flowers on the highline.

23. Bathroom selfie of this outfit I posted last week.

24. My last yummy meal in NY at Mezzaluna. Beef carpaccio with some of the best iced tea ev-or.

25.  En route back to the airport wearing a Sundry striped tee and Old Navycamouflage jacket (I got this way back when camo wasn't even a thing, and this was the only camo jacket I could find, but you can find a similar one here) while listening to Jay Z’s new album, duh.

26-28. Clouds above the city. I really love clouds.

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