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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old with New

About two weeks ago I found myself staring blankly into my closet screaming “I have nothing to wear, I have no clothes!!!” My mom’s response was something along the lines of “Seriously? Did you already forget about last weekend?” In spanish though, of course.

Last weekend I had gotten a new closet installed in my room and the process was miserable. So many clothes to take out of my old closet, and so much to put back in, even after getting rid of a trash bag full of things. So ok, I did/do have clothes, but everything felt so old. I know you know the feeling. It sucks.

In an effort to wear something "new," I searched deep into the trenches of my closet and tried to pick something I hadn't worn in years. This was the result:

If you personally know me, prior to two weeks ago, you had never seen this outfit before, or probably none of the articles involved. Two thirds of it are actually several years old and been in hiding ever since their purchase. Or shortly thereafter. First third, my blouse. It's from Country Road which probably sounds super foreign to you unless you are A) Australian or B) have been to/shopped in Australia. I bought it while I was living over there, the weekend of my 16th birthday to be exact, meaning it's 6 years old. Holy $%*@#^! shit I can't believe it's already been that long (!!!). That's really freaky, but back to the top. I've worn it no more than 4 times, but for some reason I could never bring myself to get rid of it, which I suppose ended up being a good thing.

Second third, my shoes. I bought these Marni heels about two years ago. Unfortunately, they've been collecting dust for the majority of their lifespan with me. I bought them because I really loved their two-toned nature. I still really love that they're navy and brown, but for some reason I never think to wear them. 

Last but not least, the "new" factor of this outfit, my shorts. I bought them a little less than two weeks ago at Zara and have already worn them a million times. Despite being sometimes inappropriately short, I'd say they were a great purchase.

So, there ya have it, Chicistanis. Whenever you fall victim to the "I have no clothes" syndrome just dig deep in your closet. A relevant and "new" outfit is totally possible no matter how old the clothes are, just mix it up.
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