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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday to last summer when I was living in New York and interning at Saint Laurent. Those were the days. Also, throwback to last summer when I still had these shorts in my possession, and the iPhone 5 was still a thing of the future (as evidenced by the grainy photo below).

Who knows how, but I somehow lost these shorts and it's been rather devastating. I don't think I've ever lost an article of clothing before that I really loved. Not only were these shorts awesome, but they were from Urban Outfitters, making them even more awesome. "How so," you ask? Well, how often do you find things there that are of such quality? For me, this was the one and only time, but in general I'd say it's pretty rare.

This was also the first, and only time, I've ever fully buttoned up my button down. People that do this -- don't you ever feel like you're choking slash suffocating? Anyway, in an attempt to replace these shorts, and actually these shoes while I'm at it, voila a pictorial guide to my outfit:

Classic white button down from Equipment which should be in every Chicistani's closet. This one from J. Crew is also a good alternative if you're not into silk. Unfortunately these Free People shorts are more bohemian than they are tribal, but they're as close as it comes to my original pair. They also come in two other colors which you can find here. Bag by Alexander Wang and shoes by Church's. They're no double monks, but can you believe I have STILL have had no luck finding a dope pair for women?

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