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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stripes and Florals

While I appreciate a good clashing of prints, I am not usually the one to do the mixing and matching. Dealing with more than one print can be very intimidating/overwhelming. For some reason, no matter how good it looks in street-style blogs, magazines, etc., it's always extremely questionable slash feels a little too funky when tried at home. Whether this is because it actually is too funky or perhaps just because it is unfamiliar (kind of the same way a new haircut feels), I think I have found the key to successfully, and comfortably confidently, doing so.

First things first, the prints. The few times that I have dabbled in the world of print mixing, it has always been so with prints that I've deemed to be "neutrals." By neutral I just mean that I wear them a shit ton, and therefore, I am very comfortable with them and treat them as, ta-da, neutrals. I know this doesn't make sense, but to me it does so, carry on.

In today's case the prints of choice are stripes and florals, but let's also not forget about camouflage and leopard. Those are great ones, too.

The second part to the art of print mixing are ze colors. Although you're working with two different prints, choose some that share a similar, if not the same, color palette. This will help mesh the two prints together subtly instead of being ALL UP IN YO FACE... ya know?

Above is the outfit that inspired this post. I told you there would be more on this outfit soon. I probably shouldn't have stood in front of those green pillows, or waited until one in the afternoon when temperatures reached their peak to take these, but it was then or never.

My Zara floral blazer (similar here, even cooler one here) has pretty much every color involved so matching it with a classic navy and white tank was an easy feat. I also found that the thinner the stripes, the better the overall result. The bottom half of my outfit is exactly the same from my last outfit post. I decided to go with those olive denim dipeys to keep things on the lighter side. Anything darker I tried on just didn't feel right for the summertime. And like I told myself I would, I'm wearing these Marni babies a lot more.

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