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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Interesting Conundrum

You guys don't know how long I've been waiting to publish this post. Now that it has finally started to feel like winter in DC, and with a snow storm supposedly on the way, I figured there's no better time than now. It's fucking freezing out there, and with the holidays approaching maybe you had some new outerwear in mind. You love Rag and Bone's Truman coat (which is now on sale here by the way), but you need something warmer, possibly something with a hood. Here comes in SAM. I've always loved SAM's parkas, but this down jacket is like nothing I have ever seen.

When I first came across this baby it was love at first sight, and I usually hate puffer jackets. They're so tricky. Like their name suggests, they're puffy and big, and more often times than not, they make you look like a big ol' marshmallow. But when have you ever seen a camouflage down coat with such a delicious fur collar?

I've prolonged purchasing it because until this past week there was no need for such a jacket in DC, and I'm not really sure if where I'll be come January needs one either. However, now it's on sale and I'm super di duper conflicted. Will the print look as cool IRL (in real life) as it does on my screen? I texted one of my friends asking them if the jacket was dope or ugly and his response was "what an interesting conundrum, but unfortunately I think it's the latter." So, still undecided on the matter, I take to you guys. What do you think?

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