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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Street Snapped

The picture that raised a million and one questions like: why is my clip on my shirt like that? Is it just me or am I toppling over my right side? And why does my hair look like that? Do I have kankles? And how come-- ok, ok, I'll stop now.

It's always very weird when people ask to take your photo -- especially when it's some stranger on the street. Obviously when I was first approached I was flattered, but a few seconds later and my paranoid self couldn't help but wonder where my picture might end up. And who knows, maybe this guy was just some creep. After a few questions and a business card later, he passed the creep test, and I posed ever so awkwardly wearing a striped shirt that I indefinitely borrowed from one of my guy friends. Peeking underneath is another striped tank from Zara (I really like stripes) and my shorts are from Rag and Bone. Obviously I was wearing cuter booties just moments before this, but these flats are Gucci. My leather tote is also from Zara, necklace from J. Crew, and sunglasses are Karen Walker. JK! They're from Urban Outfitters, but I bet I fooled you there for that split second.

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