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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Aftermath

Sup Chicistanis! Did you make it out to H&M last Thursday or were you one of the lucky few that actually made it onto the site? How did it go? Great? Horrible? Didn't get what you wanted but ended up buying a crap ton of things you didn't need anyway? Yep, me too.

The only thing I really wanted was those white leather pants that have so beautifully clothed the limbs of Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) and Camille Charrière (Camille over the Rainbow). Obviously with my luck they didn't even have them at the Georgetown location, however, they did have the black. I snatched up the 2 and the 4 as. Rookie move. How could I forget that H&M's sizing is so skewed that there was definitely no chance in hell that I would ever fit in a size 4, let alone a size 2? Getting them up my legs was no difficult feat, but closing them -- I didn't even try. Obviously all the bigger sizes were gone by the time I could ask for a larger size, and when I saw other women trying them on all I could wonder was how on earth did they look so good on the aforementioned Chicistanis? And what freaking size are they even wearing?!

Anyway, I did leave with a black tuxedo blazer, the staple navajo cardigan, the silver brocade bomber, one of Isabel's signature printed skirts, a linen tank, and of course, with a significant dent in my checking account.

I'd have to say the best piece from the collection is a tie between the blazer and the cardigan. The blazer looks really nice and has an amazing tailored, yet perfectly boxy fit, that hits your hips right at the perfect spot. It's basically everything I've been looking for in a black blazer. I actually tried to search for a better black blazer on the interwebs and failed miserably. The cardigan though is literally exactly like the designer's original version of it, save for the extra long fringes. My boss has the original one and was so surprised by the similarity in quality and style. She paid more than a grand for hers while I only paid 150$. Cha-ching.

The skirt and tank top I purchased without any questions. The white tank top was a no brainer. It was $30 and fits better than most of the tanks double it's price. I didn't even think about the skirts before but when I saw it hanging in my face, with people frantically running all around me, I snatched that shit up. It was a size 8, but whatever, off to the fitting rooms I went. And what do you know, it was so cute on that I didn't even feel disgusted by the fact I was wearing a size 8! The skirt also looks just like the real deal, so for 60$, why the hell not? Right?

The piece most in question is definitely the silver brocade bomber. It's cool, but something about it's fit is a litto off. The length of the arms on the size 2 was just a bit short, while I wasn't sure if the 4 looked too oversized. Ya know what I mean, jelly bean? I bought it anyway mainly because it's reversible. It's interior is a pretty cool purple python-like print and when worn reversed, the exterior silver brocade trimming the collar and sleeves. Cool, no?

Was all of this worth it, though? I am still unsure. Thinking about how much money I spent, at H&M no less, is kind of frustrating. Like, those Church boots could be sitting in my closet right now along with a significant amount of change to my name. But then again, that's one pair of boots in exchange for 5 great pieces. Was I blinded by the label? Definitely. Do I regret it? It's hard to say. Yes, but at the same time the thought of returning or reselling any of the things I got seems rather difficult. I mean that navajo cardigan is selling on eBay right now for almost triple it's price (!!!), but even that doesn't seem incentive enough to let go. If this isn't a fashion girl problem, I don't know what is. So, how did you guys do? Anyone else experiencing shopper's remorse? Do tell.

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