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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hi Chicistanis! Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! I don't know about you guys but in between moving out of my apartment and back into my house, and the back to back holidays, I'm in what appears to be a permanent daze. Like today I actually had to ask my friend what day it was. I kind of love being so disconnected from the world but then I realized -- what the fuck am I wearing for New Years?

You're probably thinking sequins, and so am I. It's like their synonyms for each other and you know what, I don't necessarily hate it. Although it is pretty cliché, I wouldn't mind wearing some sequins, but I do have my sights on bigger and better things this year. Yoncé. Obviously she has something to do with it.

Hot mothafucking damn. I can't get over this outfit. I really, really want it. The fringe bralette, all dem gold chains, and the lace embroidered pantaloons -- what a great ensemble, no? And what better occasion than NYE to wear it?! I searched far and wide for any information regarding Beyoncé's outfits and wound up reading five new articles on why she's so amazing. So yeah, fail. In an attempt to recreate it, I unfortunately have got nothing except for this Agent Provocateur bra and even that needs some work. So, basically I'm still on the hunt. What about you? What will you be wearing? Please do tell.

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