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Friday, December 20, 2013

Oops I (She) Did It Again

Brittany may have said it first, but Beyoncé keeps on doing da damn thang over and over again. Last time I told you to check out this awesome blog that has all of Queen B's music videos playing continuously. All of em! From her Destiny Child days to today, so today, it is only appropriate that we address the new greatest thing to happen -- the release of her visual album.

HO-LY MO-LY. Have you guys seen it yet?! If you answered no, what the hell are you waiting for? No, seriously. What. Are. You. Waiting. For. It's only $15.99 and I swear those might be the best sixteen dollars you'll ever spend.


See? And that's just one of many.

For those who answered yes, are you also wondering how the hell she does it? Despite popular belief, there is now way we all have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé. Not only did she manage to produce one hell of an album, with just as amazing visuals and choreography to match, and while somehow keeping it the most DL thing ever, the woman is still on tour. I always thought Beyoncé was a little too hyped up but goddamn it Kelly Oxford I'm with you. I just want to be a girl Beyoncé would be proud of, too.

Here are more snippets from some of her videos I screen-shotted for inspiration. I've been into layering gold necklaces recently, and obviously Beyoncé killed it in that department too. Also, that outfit in the music video above and in the pictures below, the fringe bralet and high-waisted lace embroidered trousers -- can I borrow that for New Years? PUH LEASE.

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