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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Warning: Lots of Exc(itement)lamation Points To Come

Guys!!!!!!! I'm done!!!! Well, I technically still have to write my thesis buuuuuuuut come Tuesday, December 17th, I will no longer have an address in D to the motha fuckin C. Oh shit. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Seriously though, I kind of really can't believe I made it through this last semester. Especially these last two weeks in which I have shown up to the airport on the wrong day, taken three exams, written a total of I-kid-you-not 8 essays, turned in more than 40 pages of research for my thesis, oh, and I also showed up to work on a day I wasn't even scheduled to work. It also happened to be the day it was snowing a lot and the store was closed. Womp. Womp. Womp. And there was also that day I threw an open bottle of Gatorade into my bag, followed by a water bottle a few hours later. This was the same day I may or may not have shed a tear in class. I know... I know. Why the hell am I telling you guys all this? As I typed that out my alarm went off and I realized why -- I've been awake now for over 24 hours. Anyway, point of the matter is, although this has been one of the most trying and miserable weeks eva eva, it has also been one of the best. I'm done with school and no words can express how incredibly guuuuuuhhhhreaaaaat it feels to know I will never have to study for a test again. No new post is ready yet, duh, but I'm awake and bored and I thought maybe you guys missed me. For the moment please click here to see the best thing that has happened to the Internet this week.

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