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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Floral Surfer Girl Kewlness

So two Saturdays ago I assisted on a photo shoot alongside Kate Davidson Hudson, and I honestly can't believe how good I've been at not posting a million behind-the-scenes pictures I have from that day. It was a fantastic day. Just me, Kate, fellow co-founder of Editorialist Stefania Allen, their assistant, a make-up artist, a hair artist, two beautiful Brasilian bombshells (which happened to be twins), and photographer Abbey Drucker and her crew. Call time was at 6 AM, and I couldn't have cared less that I was sacrificing my Friday night and Saturday. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as great as we hoped it would be, but nonetheless we powered through it til about 6 PM. In those twelve magical hours, I got to play with fresh off the runway looks from Dior, Miu Miu, Prada, Ferragamo, Valentino, and Tod's in a room full of dope accessories.

Like, seriously dope accessories. Anyway, throughout the day typical shit fAsHuN girls say like "OMG THIS DIOR IS EVERYTHING" and "HOLY SHIT IM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS LEWK" could not stop spewing from my mouth. Granted it was the first photo shoot I've been on of the sort, so I was really freaking excited, but it was magical no less. I couldn't decide on a favorite look -- they were all too good(!) -- but there was one that made me really, really excited in particular.

Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy freaking Hilfiger. It still surprises me that if I could, I would, purchase his SS14 collection in its entirety. I've never been a fan of Tommy, and not like I was indifferent or something, I actually did not like him or his brand at all. Yes, this was because of his racist remarks I learned about when I was just a young litto lad, but I guess I'm over that now. I mean, how many times have you been caught saying something you've regretted? And honestly, if we take everything people say so seriously our society will never be able to be free of racism, but that's a whole other issue we're not going to get into right nah.

I blogged about his collection during Fashion Week, and not-so-surprisingly enough, one of my favorite looks was also one of the one's shot for Editorialist's SS14 issue. You know what they say, great minds think alike.

I wanted to find a collage of his entire collection so you guys can see how just good it is but all I got was the group photo above from A little more Googling and I stumbled upon these sick pre-runway snaps by Sonny Vandevelde. Definitely a good blog to keep bookmarked.

How sophisticated surfer girl cool is it? I think it's safe to say Tommy Hilfiger has redeemed himself one neoprene piece at a time. Insert fire emoji x 5 here.

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