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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Golden Globes

Sup Chicistanis! I'm a day late but a Golden Globes best dressed post is necessary. I didn't watch the entire thing, so I'm assuming I didn't see everyone's ensembles, but after seeing Emma Watson I didn't need to. She won my heart over for many reasons.

The first being, duh, open back! Love the high neck in the front and completely exposed back. The Christian Dior dress itself seems very simple, but when in motion you see that it's silhouette is what gives it all its pizazz. I also love that she wore pants because everyone was making such a big deal about whether that was acceptable on the red carpet. I say why the furk not. I'd understand the questioning if she was wearing ripped jeans or something but she's not and the girl looks good! Kudos to Emma for wearing what she loved and not following the stereotyped highly glamorous dress code. Who was your favorite?

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