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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wedding/Formal Wear

Happy New Years Chicistanis! Don't worry, there won't be another post on New Years resolutions here, I know myself better than that. I would, however, like to acknowledge the amazing year 2013 has been and thank all of you lovely Chicistanis for consistently clicking in, even when I go weeks without posting. That is definitely something I hope to do a lot less of in 2014, and so, here's a new outfit post of yours truly to end ze year.

I attended a wedding earlier this week and I don't know if this is the case for any of you, but it seems like everyone and their mom got engaged this holiday season, so maybe you might want to know what I deem chic wedding wear? You know, incase you need a litto inspiration for any formal event really.

You're probably already thinking about wearing a dress but may I suggest a skirt and crop top ensemble? The getting your midi on trend still continues to be one of my favorites, and so I ended my year wearing just that featuring the most beautiful Erdem skirt eva eva.

Isn't it beautiful?! It's silk with a sheer organza overlay embellished with sequin flowers and I've been in love with it ever since I saw it on's homepage several months ago. I never intended to wear it since a few clicks later revealed its hefty price tag upward of 2K, but I did know I wanted to wear a full skirt and crop top ensemble. I love the idea of having a full body skirt paired with a more structured top and since I'm not big on dresses a skirt/top option just seemed more me. Ya know? I searched far and wide for one and found nothing I really liked until just a few days before yesterday when I stumbled upon this bad boy once again... and on sale! It was still a little pricey but I couldn't resist. I mean, look at it! I don't know about you, but I would much rather splurge on something I'm obsessed with and know I'll be happy to be wear again than to spend any amount of money on something I don't care for. Anyway, I originally thought I was going to wear it with a black crop top and either black or navy open toed heels but then the below just sorta happened.

After trying on the skirt with both white and black tops, choosing the white was a no brainer. The white made the skirt pop more and felt refreshingly crisp, if you will. I wasn't going to buy new shoes but I just so happened to stumble upon these pale blue pumps at Zara that complimented the embellishments of the skirt perfectly, so naturally I had to get them. Coincidentally enough Net-a-Porter and the Man Repeller have posted images of similar heels since then so brownie points to them.

I kept everything else pretty simple. I wore diamond studs and carried a plain black lil Gucci bag I borrowed from my mama. The silver lining of living back at home.

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