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Friday, February 21, 2014

FBF: NYFW Fall 14

It's true what they say. Fashion month waits for no one. Industry insiders have already been to Milan, are getting ready to leave London to go to Paris, and I'm here still talking about New York shows which feel like happened years ago, but whatever. I can't be on top of everything, ya know! Kidding, I can... kinda. Anyway, enjoy.

I forgot to include this collage of Tibi in the last recap, but yeah, nothing you haven't seen or heard me say before (am I the only one that's getting annoyed of myself?). Great knits (paired with skirts FTW), love the grey and navy coat, but my absolute favorite is the off the shoulder jump suit. It's chic, easy, and sexy without being extremely tight or revealing -- just my cup o'tea.

I always love the delicacy of Delpozo's designs. That being said, can you guess which my favorite? Wow yer gewd! I love how sheer yet covered up the third look is. I would wear it with nude pumps like shown down the runway or even with wingtip oxfords like those dope Manolo's I've posted before for a quirkier effect. You're probably shaking your head no to that, but imagine if I was a chic as shit mom hosting some classy soiree outdoors which involved me having to run after my kids at some point and lots of on my feet activity -- yep, so freaking cute. Anyway, moving on to another favorite is the plaid coat. I'm really keen on it just don't know if I would ever actually wear it. It's a little much for me, but I can totally see me swooning over a street-style shot of Mira Duma doing it the justice it deserves.

Jenny Packham was such a pleasant freaking surprise. Like who are you and what is this fantastic collection you presented out of nowhere? Fine, not out of nowhere, but wowza -- So much to love. Beginning with the tuxedo blazers which remind me of my black tuxedo blazer I got from the Isabel and H&M collab-o-lab. It's the best blazer I've come across yet until this collection. I love slits blah blah and wearing chunky sweaters with really girly feather skirts blah blah blah -- you already know all of this. Thank you for making my favorite comfy looks not so casual and oh so special, Jenny. You rock.

After his most recent collection I was really excited to see what Tommy Hilfiger had up his sleeve next. It was nothing like the neoprene amazingness from SS but I am in love with all the outerwear. You keep on keeping on, Tommy.
I don't think I've ever included Tory Burch in any NYFW recap, or anything to do with MIC for that matter, but home girl has come along way from those damn ballet flats that still haunt my dreams. Love the silhouettes, the embellishments, and the Marie Antoinette-esque paisley prints. Je l'aime tout!

Wes Gordon does subtle, effortlessly sexy like no one else can.. again. Four points for you, Glen Coco.

For me, Kaufmanfranco is that designer who makes really sick dresses you see celebrities wearing but you never know who their by. I don't know if that's insulting, but I think it's great. The designs aren't flashy or over the top, but they will make heads turn and I love that. I'm hoping the back of the last dress is completely bare save for that one thin strap just holding it all together. If it is, can I have it? Pretty, pretty please?

Last fashion week I was surprised at newcomer Lyn Devon's collection so naturally I was very excited to see what she did next. Once again, she killed it. I don't know if any moms (save for my own) read this, but if you do, Lyn Devon should be your inspiration for sophisticated every day dressing. It just feels so right -- even presidential, if you will -- and OMG that jumpsuit!!! I would totes wear it tonight if it were just hanging in my closet. A sick belt, some dope shoes, et voila! You are parfait.

Ralph Lauren wins the award for my favorite incorporation of pink. Everyone seems to be all about the girly hue these days while I'm all like ahhh really? But this dusty shade.. with grey... oh la la. I also love all the silhouettes. I'd say they're pretty me. Big sweater with silky trousers and/or skirt and a luscious fur -- don't mind if I do... drool.

The skirts! Oh, the skirts! Huge fan of the wrap slash tie skirts shown at Reed Krakoff, especially that python one. Oh me, oh my.

Like Tommy, Michael Kors had an amazing SS collection, but unlike Tommy, Michael's follow-up was superb. Love the color palette, the romantic and flirty dresses paired with men's inspired outerwear, and all the fringe swaying around ever so beautifully. The sixth look (first one, second row in case you can't count) is my absolute faAaAvORiTe.

And to close this NYFW season, Marc Jacobs. You're probably thinking about Kendall Jenner while all I'm thinking about is dem disco pants! Finally someone listened to me and made them! Hip, hip, hooray!

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