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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If the Internet Were My Closet

I haven't done one of these in a while, but after coming across these Sigerson Morrison heels I couldn't help myself. Sooooo, If the internet were my closet, and I had control over the weather, today would be a deliciously crisp and sunny 70 degrees and I would be wearing the following to work slash life.

I can't take all the credit for this wonderful outfit as the folks running Elyse Walker's online site put the dress and shoes together, but I am supa dupa into it. The dress, by Proenza Schouler, reminded me immediately of that black Lisa Perry from this past NYFW and the shoes -- the shoes! The most exciting part about coming across these babies is that when I clicked them and feared to see a hefty price tag, I didn't. I mean $450 is still $450, but they look like they'd cost so much more, and honestly for a pair of shoes as special as these I think they are so worth it (more sizes are available here). Please don't sell out before I can buy them. I beg you.

Anyway, because it is still a little chilly out on this glorious spring day (hypothetically speaking) I'd throw a denim shirt on -- unbuttoned, of course. I love the lightly bleached look of this Rails one. For a bag I wanted to do something fun and summery, kind of like the first bag I used here, but then I remembered that if we're playing pretend we may as well go big. Cue: Valentino's embellished work of art. No words can explain how magical it is, or even begin to justify it's price, but a girl can dream. Finish it off with a few dainty jewels via Vita FedeJennifer Zeuner, and Vanessa Mooney, and voila! Das it.

Oh sheet! I forgot the sunglasses which are by the illest eva, Illesteva.

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