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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYFW Fall 14 Recap Part Deuce

Brace yourself for the longest recap ever (and remember you can click the images to make them larger!) starting with my favoritest collection yet...

Prabal! As I was clicking through Prabal Gurung's collection all I wanted to do was let out one of those obnoxiously squeals that I do while yelling "Prabal!!!!" and telling him how much I loved every single piece of his collection. You know, like we're bffz (aeaeae). I don't think I've been so excited about one of his collections since his 2012 Pre-Fall collection. You know, the one with all the kaleidoscope prints and bad ass jackets. Actually, correction -- I haven't been this excited about a collection period since I don't know when. The color palette is too freaking good -- you best believe I'm going to be wearing a shit ton of navy and ivory and greys. And with sheer skirts! My favorite. 

Their name says it all. The folks at Creatures of Comfort really are creatures of comfort. Everything looks so cozy and comfortable yet appropriate enough to wear out and about without looking like a bum. I love their over-sized swing coats, they kind of remind me of robes, and the huge lapels on their suiting. Their tartan with hints of pink is also a great way to incorporate the girly color in a not so girly way.

Speaking about girly, Kate Spade's collection was just that without going overboard. I feel like this is the stuff a grown-up Eloise would be wearing, no? I reaaaaalllly want to wear the outfit in the middle to work on Friday, or anyday. Seems perfect for those times its nearly impossible to roll out of bed. And as always, I'm a sucker for feathers and embellishments, even more so when combined together.

If 10 Crosby by Derek Lam taught me anything is that I need to learn to love knee-high boots. I keep on seeing pale blue outerwear and I think the one pictured above (second look) is my favorite one thus far. Everything else is so laid back and cool just the way I like it.

I'd say Adam Lippes collection is a little too mature slash conservative for me, but I love it's refined casual feel. It's the perfect collection for the sophisticated, working woman (Mami, are you listening? The fourth look is totally your lewk ).

Did Alexander Wang's collection remind anyone else of Charlie Brown? I love the stiff looking shift dresses, and once again -- OTK boots are making a comeback.

I was really looking forward to seeing Dion Lee's new collection, and he did not disappoint. To quote Biggie, he's blowing up just like I thought he would. I know you noticed the navy and black unconventionally, yet beautifully, meshed together in look number seven. I have a black-tie event next weekend and I wish I could wear something like it w and all dem pretty greys. I hate turtle necks but I would way rather be wearing the sixth look right now with perhaps 10 Crosby's pale blue shaggy coat seen before.

This was the first collection that Daniel Silvers and Steven Cox of Duckie Brown presented womenswear, and I think they're off to a promising start. I still don't really know what their deal is, but I like them. I've always wanted an over-sized yet somewhat flattering tee like the first two pictured to wear with really skinny jeans, and I would so totally be wearing that last look right now if it was in my hands. 

I think it's safe to say that Michael and Nicole Colovos of Helmut Lang were influenced by the obnoxiously indecisive polar vortex. I'm all about a huge, comfy knit, and theirs are always a favorite in my closet.

I've been wooed by Jason Wu once again. I don't know if I'll ever retire that lame line, but their is no other way to put it. I've fallen in love with his design aesthetic all over again. Each collection seems so pleasantly refreshing from the last and makes me wish I was as successful and elegant as the women I picture wearing his clothes. Love, love, love.

I'm pretty surprised that I liked this first look at Jenni Kayne as much as I do. Something about the pattern in conjunction with it's silhouette makes it so bold and beautiful. The suits had to be my favorite though -- can I please have the white one, Jenni? Pretty, pretty please?! 

Another one of my favorite collections from this recap is Jonathan Simkhai's. Hot damn, you did good. The cut-out trend has been going strong for a few seasons now but he did it like no one else has. They don't look tired, and they're pretty freaking sexy while still concealing most of your bod. All I want is for the first look to be mine. 

Although it appears that Marissa Webb may have stolen some A Wang's brain juice, I'm not mad at it. Not mad at all actually. If it weren't for the three last looks, pink and black would still remind me of the Playboy bunny and I would still hate the two colors together. Also, take note of the moody florals, they seem to be a reoccurring thing this New York Fashion Week.

Lighter, pastel-like hues are big for the upcoming seasons and Rebecca Minkoff's collection is great for transitioning the more summery hues into cooler temperatures. Love all ze outerwear.

Rag and Bone was classic Rag and Bone. Lots of great outerwear and would ya look at that! More navy and black, and lots of it!

My favorite part of Rebecca Taylor's collections are usually the outerwear and this season around is no exception. Take note of the pastel hues, and once again, navy and black. 

Oh, Sally! I love you. Although still a newbie, Sally LaPointe's designs kill it. They're strong yet feminine and I wish I could wear them all. Only she makes me want to look like a big furry gorilla and her white and navy satin jumpsuits are so effortlessly chic. If Carrie was getting to married Big at City Hall now, she would definitely be wearing Sally's white suit with her Manolos. I really also like the length of her coats and the hint o'lavender in her greys. 

Love all the silhouettes at Zimmerman but I must ask what is up with Australians bows? When I was an exchange student in Sydney, if we didn't have a black ribbon perfectly tied in our hair we got written up. Talk about high-maintenance. 

All I can say about Nonoo is that it is most definite a yes, yes. I know that was incredibly lame but I'm starting to get annoyed of my own thoughts and I am confident you know what's good about this collection. Soooooo, which was your favorite? 

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