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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Editorialist SS14 Miami Palms

Hi Chicistanis! Sorry this has taken so long to post. Uploading so many pictures was not an easy task, but it has finally been accomplished. If you haven't seen Editorialist's amazing spring issue yet please do yourself the favor of clicking here. You can even subscribe to get your own print copy fo free.Yes, free! And because I love you all so much I'll even autograph it for you if you want. That was a joke, guys... but really, I can do that for you. Hehe.

After unpacking all the goodies from a couple of suitcases, I obviously could not resist trying everything on. You know what they say, when your own jewelry matches that of the ones on set, it's meant to be. Ok, fine, maybe I did say that... but still, just go with it. After Abbey Drucker, the photographer, and Kate Davidson Hudson, editor extraordinaire, discussed their inspirations and visions for the shoot, the magic began.

This first lewk is Prada head to toe, limbs included. From the embellished bustier on the dress to the sporty knit skirt layered over it and it's corresponding leg warmers, there was nothing I didn't love. This look is evidence that too much of something is sometimes just enough, and that waking up at 5 am on a Saturday can be really fun.

When people say "it takes a village" it makes me think of this last shot. I mean, if this isn't team work, I don't know what is honestly. Lives were put at risk to get the shot, and the shot we did get. The dress is Christian Dior and reminds of a modern day Belle from Beauty and the Beast who is really hip and trendy so she layers on Dannijo... ya feel me?

So much color! And textures! And Valentino! So basically, lots of really great things. During the shooting of this third look I was introduced to a man by the name of David Webb and I fell in love. Hard. He used to design really spectacular jewelry pieces, which are now under the creative control of Nina Silberstein, and that I can most definitely not afford.. yet. Because you guys hail from Chicistan and know what's up, I feel like I don't even need to comment on the embroidery detail of Valentino's small clutch bag. Gimme, gimme.

If you didn't already catch onto the fact that I really love Tommy Hilfiger's SS14 collection by my many mentions of it, I really freaking love his SS14 collection. Look number 44, in particular, which is the one so frequently snapped above. I've been dying for this to hit stores and when I called their Madison store today I received the worst news a Chicistani could possibly receive -- the look didn't make it into production. I don't even know what to say about this, but I am devastated and determined to somehow get the ensemble on my bod. 

Just when I thought I had a favorite, Brasilian bombshell Jacqueline Bueno appeared in front of me in this Ferragamo suit. Let's be real though, the star of this look is obviously that fantastic choker by no other than David Webb. I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with it because it will most likely send me into a fit of passion inclusive of many curse words, and I'm trying not to curse so much. But that's how much I love it, need it, want it, in my life. "Why don't you just get it," you ask? Well, it's worth more than a semester of my college tuition, and yeah.. you get it.

It sucks that the first thought that comes into most people's heads when Michael Kors is mentioned are those damn watches because the man is on fire lately (and deserves to be recognized for far more than that). His last few collections have been really strong and include really cute shit like the embroidered denim corset skirt combo pictured above. In it's shadow is a total look from Miu Miu. It's also pretty freaking amazing but as far as personal style goes, y'all already know which one I'd wear. 

Last but certainly not least, a total look from Chanel. The classic tweed dress was paired with the pearl choker that's got everyone going cuhrayzay, another sick pair of David Webb turquoise earrings, and Illesteva mirrored sunglasses. Everything featured in this issue can be purchased from Editorialist all you have to do is click here. Au revoir!

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