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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cushnie et Ochs

Even though this is long over due, I can't not tell you about the most magical dress I have ever owned. I had a black-tie event probably a month ago now and deciding on what to wear was surprisingly hard. I didn't want to wear a long dress, but obviously the evening didn't call for a short one either. I contemplated wearing a suit à la Bianca Jagger, but thought that might be too fashion forward - if we will - for where I was going. Everything I owned wasn't quite right and the search for something I actually wanted to wear was long and grueling. My parents told me I could get a new dress, but you know, "nothing too crazy" (which obviously never works out).

As soon as I saw this Cushnie et Ochs dress online, I fell in love. I knew my parents would never go for it, but sometimes you just can't help who - or in this case what - you fall in love with. I opened up a new tab and kept searching the internet for something appropriate. After endless searching there was literally nothing that excited me in the slightest bit. I swear I looked at over a hundred dresses which always led me right back to Cushnie et Och's black beauty. I could withstand no longer. In a moment of desperation and wishful thinking, I sent my mom a picture of the dress.

"WOW!!!!! That is beautiful!!!" was her exact response. Yes. This was good, this was very good. My mom never gets that excited about anything I like so I'd say I planted the seed rather successfully. Now, all that was left was for me to water it. After listing a few reasons of why we should own the dress, I did it. I -- we -- purchased my favoritest dress ever. Although quite the splurge, I have no regrets. It is as timeless as it is edgy (ironic, huh?) and it is definitely as cool as a LBD can get. I should also mention the overwhelmingly grandiose feeling experienced when in the dress. That, my Chicistanis, is priceless.

Because there are no other pictures of the whole ordeal, here are the rest of the clothing credits:

I wanted to wear a classic pump with the dress, these Manolo Blahnik's to be exact, but there was no way that was happening, so on to Zara I went. I was expecting to settle for some whatever heels that would get me through the night when I found the above babies. Not only is the heel to arch proportion on point, they look and feel great on me feet. If you want to be twinsies you can get them here.

Still mesmerized by my dress, I put very little focus on everything else. I left a few of my everyday little gold bracelets on and added this hand chain by Vanessa Mooney. And because going for dangly statement earrings felt tired and boring, I wore these ear cuffs by Ca & Lou. They're so freaking cool except for the fact that they cause more pain than clip-on earrings should. At times I think I might have been better off just getting my ears pierced, but they're extremely cool nonetheless.

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