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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Office Style

There are very few times an outfit makes me stop in my tracks to oooh and aaahh, but when my boss showed up to work today, that is exactly what I did. She looked perfect head to toe, I couldn't not take a picture, and now here I am writing to tell about it.

At first I thought she was wearing the top (also available here) and skirt (available here at 25% off with code FRNFAM) set from T by Alexander Wang, but she is actually wearing the dress. Both work in this situation, and both are definitely made in Chicistan, but if you ask me, I would go with the set rather than the dress. Yes it ends up being a bit more expensive, but you can mix and match them with other pieces in your closet, making it's cost per wear value totally acceptable. I should also mention that the zippers on these pieces are double-sided so you can zip up!... and down. Good stuff, no?

Her shirt is from Rails, but the one pictured below is from Band of Outsiders. This one from Relwen is another good alternative and gets bonus points for being on sale. Her navy leather jacket is Iro and you can get it here, here, and here. I probably wouldn't have thought to pair this outfit with camel brown accessories but I am so glad she did. It works so well and she looks so guhooood. Her shoes are Alexander Wang, her bag is an old Chloe one, but if I were to wear this outfit and the internet was my closet, I would definitely chose Saint Laurent's Sac du Jour.

Happy shopping!

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