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Friday, May 9, 2014

Trend Sporting: Pearls

Hi guys! I'm back from the dead! Or at least trying to be! Starting to blog again after such a long break is always really hard so I'm just gonna start back up on the subject of pearls in light of my latest Instagram. We've already trend-spotted them, and now I'm sporting 'em.

I came across this ear cuff on my most recent trip to Zara. At first I thought they looked kind of cheap but then I tried them on and thought they looked pretty cool. For 16$ they were cheap, but I was willing to test the waters. In the three days since their purchase I've gotten more than a handful of compliments on them and not just from girls which I think really says something. Anyway, be ear cuff twins with me and get your own here or shop some of my other pearly favorites of the moment below.

If you're looking to update your statement necklace collection, this bib from J Crew is the way to go. If you're looking to splurge while also updating your neck game, this Shourouk bib is definitely the way to go. How amazing is it? Imagine it with whites and pastels for now, and wear it later in the fall with greys and denim. It's pricey but I think it has the potential to meet a reasonable cost per wear value ifyaknowutImean.

Moving onto the next row: If you wanna go Blair Waldorf on the world, this head wrap by Lelet is, like, reaaaaally cute. Not sure how practical it is, but definitely cute. The next two rings are by Vita Fede and perfect for piling on with your other rings -- if you wear several rings at a time, that is. If not, they're still pretty great. The second one looks particularly cool on. Also really cool are these Rebecca Minkoff pearl stud earrings. I would even suggest going halfsies on them with a friend and just wearing one. Perhaps wear a cool diamond bar on your other lobe? Just a suggestion though.

Last row: Some badass Saint Laurent sandals which you can also find on sale here and really awesome bracelets by Sisco Berluti and Pame Designs to stack on for summer.

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