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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Altuzarra Resort 2015

Altuzarra, Altuzarra, Altuzarra -- I just can't get enough of ya.

The minimalist yet sexy vibes embodied in his silhouettes (the skirts! the skirts!) have become his signature and have landed him a spot as one of my favorite designers. Season after season, Joseph Altuzarra consistently delivers dreams. You gotta love a man you can depend on. And honestly Chicistanis, is there anything better than a basically unbuttoned button down tucked into a sleek pencil skirt with a high slit? The answer is no. There is not. If you answered incorrectly (shame on you), here's a refresher of his fantastique SS14 collection.

It sounds so simple, looks so effortless, and is so goddamn sophisticated I wish I could wear it everyday. Ok I'm done rambling about how good his clothes are, but before I finish, it is very important that I bring to your attention the shoes in his latest resort collection. I never really notice the shoes on the models but these -- I mean, how could you not notice these?

The texture, the puka shells, THE PUKA SHELLS. Am I the only one freaking out right now? Need these in my closet immediately. Shoe fairies - if you're listening - I'm a size eight and a half, but an eight or a nine will also do. I'm not picky. Lemme know if you need my address. Pz.

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