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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Poppy x Alexa x Net-a-Porter

... equals high quality made in Chicistan product, if ya know wut I mean.


I clicked immediately at sight of two of my favorite fashion it-girls in Net-a-Porter’s daily e-mail, and surprise, surprise, I was not disappointed. The clothes, them, everything was just so on point. Mesmerized by the western vibes of it all, I clicked through contemplating how the hell I was gonna get my hands on a million dollars. Once I reached Poppy’s article though, shit got real.

She wrote about love and friendship and the importance of surrounding yourself around people who empower you and support you. It sounds so cheesy and so clich√©, but like I said, everything was on point. It is definitely worth a read me thinks. Oh and you must watch this vid!! Now on a scale from 1 to I need to move to London, how badly do you want a British accent?

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