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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Heidi and His Technicolor Coat

Remember Joseph and the Technicolor coat or was that just a Catholic school thing? As soon as I saw this Saint Laurent cardigan it was the first thing that popped into mind, except better. Sorry Joseph. 

I'm not sure why I am so drawn to it - it is really loud and unlike anything I've ever owned - but there's something about it that keeps making me come back to it. Lately I find myself wearing a lot of black and I think subconsciously the Miami girl in me is dying for some color. But color in the winter is really hard (or so me thinks). I hate bright colors with black, and they sound even worse with brown, except in this case. Heidi really mastered the art of combining colors with neutrals in this one. You may not see it now, but the mix of grays, creams, and black allow for this cardigan to get way more wear than you'd ever expect. 

I paired it with a grey turtleneck because I really like the look of it underneath other sweaters and so, I'm trying to give them a chance. This one is Yigal Azrouel but you can shop a very similar and much more affordable one here. The leather pants are from The Row and my new favorite wedges ever are Brunello Cucinelli. They have a grey knit ribbing on the side and I am desperately awaiting the day they go on sale. I am very anti-down jackets, but if you must this is my favorite Moncler one. I really wish I was wearing this outfit today.

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