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Monday, December 29, 2014


Initially, I wanted to shoot this Altuzarra jacket as a dress, however, I soon noticed that my ass was peeping through the back and that just wasn't going to work out for these pictures. Wearing it as a dress is still very possible though, and highly recommended, just make sure you have some double-sided tape and a high-waisted skirt to cover your lady bits. If you're feeling risqué some briefs à la Rihanna will also do. If it's freezing and you're not as psychotic as I am, leather pants or any dark skinny jean/pant will do just fine too. 

How fun would it be to just twirl and twirl and twirl until you can't no more in this lil thang? You can find it here or here. We also have some more sizes at Hirshleifers. The dress underneath is from The Row and gold pumps are from Tom Ford. Both are also available at Hirshleifers or online here and here. So, what are you wearing this New Years Eve?

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