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Monday, December 8, 2014

WTF INTERNET?! My Interview with Virgil Abloh.. Again

So sometimes I like to read my own blog over and over again, and when I was doing so today I noticed my rant on how goddamn cool and on top of it Virgil Abloh was nowhere to be found. Unbeknownst to me, it was accidentally deleted or something. I really have no clue. Which is really fucking annoying. I can't remember exactly what I wrote, just that it was some word vomit I was proud of. Also, I just spent an hour on Google help forums trying to recover the material with no luck. So, here goes nothing...

First things first, am I the only one that thinks this scrapbook-inspired artwork is really freaking cool? Please say no, if only to reassure me I didn't waste even more of my time. 
Now, to the subject at hand, Mr. Virgil Abloh. 

I am ashamed to admit I didn't know who Virgil Abloh was until two years ago when my ex-boyfriend told me I should follow him on Instagram (I guess he was good for something?). I knew he was the creative genius behind much of Kanye West's work, but to describe him as that is just wrong... Plain old wrong. Not only is he Yeezy's creative director, Abloh is a DJ, an architect, and now one very dope designer. He does so much, so well, and I really, really admire how on top of his shit he is. Clearly, he is a man of many talents, but I didn't really understand just how genius he is until we exchanged a few e-mails (I know.. what?). I asked him a few questions for Hirshleifers' blog and within that short exchange, it was evident he was by no means your average creative type. He thinks outside of the box and I love his brain. What really got me was when I asked him why he named his first womenswear collection "I only smoke when I drink." His answer: "I wanted to use a phrase that establishes the mentality of the girl that is by nature my brand. So the phrase 'I only smoke when I drink' is meant to make that girl chuckle, [because] it's something she or her friends [would] say." Gotta love a man that thinks about making a girl/woman laugh. Read my full interview with him here.

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