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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


In case you've been living under a rock, Alexa Chung released a denim collection in collaboration with AG jeans and it's really, like reaaallly, dope. She took all of her favorite silhouettes and made them very much her - aka quirky, cute, and reminiscent of a 60s dream. Peep the lookbook below and some of my favorite looks taken from her Instagram.

My personal favorites are the button-up skirt and the overall dresses. Before overalls became such a big thing, I purchased a very similar overall cum dress from Urban Outfitters, which I returned after it sat in my closet for weeks without wear, and I really regret it. It's a really refreshing way to do overalls. Also, since it's still freaking freezing out, take note of Alexa Chung's sparkly tights.These are such a great alternative to plain black tights. Get a pair here (similar pair here) and shop Mademoiselle Chung's collaboration here or here.

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