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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blending In

As I was attempting to blend in with the air heads in our studio, I realized that A) I really, really like this outfit B) I need beige/nude leather bermudas C) everything I was wearing hailed from a French designer. Did I love this outfit because it was French? or is it French because I love it? Did I lose you? Same.

I'm wearing a jacquard jacket by Saint Laurent, which prompted my Googling of the difference between brocade and jacquard. Did you know that all modern brocades are jacquards, but not all jacquards are brocade? Fun fact. Anyway, you're probably all like "shut up and TELL ME ABOUT DEM SHOES RIGHT NOW".... so that I will do.

Remember those Alaia's that were a million dollars and sold out everywhere? Why yes, the very same ones I have. While there have been many iterations of them since their extinction, these Isabel Marants are as good as they get. If I had to make a case for second chances, this is Chicistanis. Go grab em while you can here. You will not regret it. I got mine about two years ago and still wear them a shit ton so they definitely pass the cost per wear value test. White tank is also Isabel Marant, studded baby bucket bag is Saint Laurent, and these super duper deliciously amazing leather bermudas are Brunello Cucinelli. Similar, and actually affordable, pair can be found here and here.

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