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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fashion Month Highlights

As if being asked to go to Paris wasn't amazing enough, to see myself featured for sites where I usually draw my own inspiration from was definitely a is-this-real-someone-pinch-me-moment. But even more surreal than that was Adam Katz Singding asking me if I had seen my picture plastered all across NY -- I had no clue what he was talking about... and then, like clockwork, a friend back home texted me the below...


UN. REAL. Sorry for all the shameless humble bragging, but this is my blog after all, and a girl's gotta document her shit! Anyway, moving on, the absolute highlight was definitely Valentino's show. After a stampede of seriously chic clothing, the last thing anyone expected was for Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller to have a walk-off in honor of Zoolander 2. But they did. And to say they killed it would be an understatement. See the awesomeness for yourself below!

I miss Paris.

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