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Monday, March 16, 2015

Favorite New Black Blazer

Black blazers are far and plenty, but a good black blazer that can take you from work to fashion shows and long night outs -- not so much. That's when Yigal Azrouel's cropped blazer stepped in to change the game.
I first tried it on when figuring out what to wear with Celine's pom-pom trousers. Not gonna lie, this was my last option. I don't know why I was hesitant to give it a try, but once I finally did.. it was the one. I wanted to wear the pants like a suit, and this jacket could not compliment the pants more perfectly. Both have a really sophisticated, relaxed fit while still being really flattering. You know how sometimes you worry that your oversized clothing just makes you look big instead of slouchy and cool? Yeah, well these do the opposite. For being in flats, I've never felt more on top of the world (literally and figuratively). 

When looking for a blazer, something I always take into consideration is if I can wear it sans anything else under. Typically this doesn't really work out. Most blazers buttons fall to low or the cut is too wide, but not this one.

Here I am trying it on (please don't mind my mess in the fitting room). As you can see, although it is a pretty steep cut, it's really narrow so it doesn't reveal too much. All you need is some double-sided tape and you've nailed a sophisticated yet sexay lewk. When I rewore this blazer in Paris (dun dun duuunn) I actually wore it was this cute lil cage bralette from ASOS underneath. The rest of my outfit was very tomboyish so I felt like I needed something to remind people I am in fact a girl.. ya know?

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