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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Style Crush: Vivian Volpicella

Vivian Volpicella first caught my eye a few years ago with her colorful clad wrists. Even though I am currently sitting in an all black attire, I am from Miami after all. She was wearing those bracelets with the different color heart and star beads reminiscent of the ones you would make in summer camp (which reminds me I wanna make some of those before summer) and she just really got to me. This time around she's kind of done the same thing, but not really. 

Have you spotted the common denominator yet? I love, love, love the dainty yet colorful long necklaces she's been wearing -- especially when it seems like she just forgot to take them off or something. It's so fresh and summery and I'm really really into the modern bohemian vibe of it all.

I did some snooping in an effort to jock her steeze and came across a surprising amount of goodies that fit the description. For starters, Isabel Marant's jewelry is right on point - surprise, surprise - then there was Aurelie Bidermann, GAS BijouxTopshop, Vanessa Arizaga, Paula Mendoza, and even Jennifer Zeuner. Which is your favorite? FIY my birthday is in a month. Just thought you should know.

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