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Monday, April 6, 2015

Good Jeans

Seeing as this is my second H&M purchase in the last month, my relationship from hate has rapidly turned into one of love and warm, fluffy feelings. I first went in for that sweater Natalie Joos was wearing, and after seeing Daria Werbowy's ad over and over again, I caved in. I normally hate H&M because it's such a chaotic, anxiety-inducing mess in there, but these were front row and center with plenty of sizes available (that's another problem I have with them - WTF is up with your sizing?!). I grabbed a 4 and a 6 to try on at home. I'm typically a size 2 or 26 and stayed with the 6, for some added length. This was last week and I've already worn them more times than I can remember. Love that I don't need to wear these with heels!

 And then this morning I came across this young Chicistani on my way to work. 

I creepily took the above picture and asked her where she got her jeans from. "H&M," she said. And I was all like "whaaaat" and then she was all like "yeah! They're like the Rachel Comey knock-offs." You know the ones..

Shop them here. Happy Monday!

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