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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Good Kind of Crazy

There's crazy, like that person is a psycho crazy, and then there's the so good it makes you want to scream crazy and that is exactly how I feel about Sophia Webster's shoes.

I mean, just look at them. When I first saw this pair in particular I was like "woah, das alotta shoe." Shortly after trying them on though it was a whole different story. They're so fucking cool. They remind me of race cars slash Zenon the Girl of the 21st century. Anyone else getting that fast and furious spacey vibe? Come on, I know you know what I mean. And if you're thinking they're not practical, what's more practical than only having to throw on a jeans and shirt to feel dressed up? Wear them now while it's still a bit chilly with black jeans and an over-sized sweater, and in the heat with anything you please - just remember to keep it simple. Shop them here or here.

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