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Monday, June 15, 2015

Resort 16 Favorite: Rosie Assoulin

I like to think I'm more mature than to play favorites buuuuut I'm not. When it comes to #fAsHun, what can I say - I love what I love and this new buying season Rosie Assoulin has further cemented a place in my heart. Season after season, her stuff continues to surprise me in the most pleasant of ways. Like I told her sales director, which happens to be her hubby, I cannot believe she has deprived the fashion world of her talents and creations for so long. How could you, Rosie?

If for some reason you think I'm being dramatic, she did just win the CFDA Swarovski award for Womenswear, so yeah. Shit's real.

Pictures via (click to enlarge)

Seriously, have you ever seen anything like these beautiful, voluminous, and totally drool-worthy clothing? Like, who the hell would have ever thought that a pinstripe trouser with a ruffle-clad slit all the way up your thigh could/would look so cool? That's right.. Rosie did. Other personal favorite favorites include the super duper wide-leg cutout jumpsuit, linen cargo pants, and the starfish top styled over a white tee. Pure genius, I tell ya, genius! 

Unfortunately this collection won't ship until the end of the year but please feel free to e-mail me at for pre-orders. 

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