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Friday, August 28, 2015

Green Dream

Last week I attended my first wedding as a friend of the now married couple. It was a very mature moment for me. Naturally though, it was three days before said wedding and I had no idea what to wear. I'm not really good about dressing up. I mean, I am, but getting all fancy shmancy is kinda annoying to me. As everything came together it was actually really fun (!), but I definitely went out of my way to not get my hair, nails, and face professionally done. Not really sure how anyone enjoys sitting still for so long with people probing at them, but that's besides the point.

The dress code was black tie which kind of stressed me out. And then I remembered Nili Lotan made these amazing silk slip maxi dresses that appear to be black tie material but really what is more comfortable than wearing a sack of silk? It also doesn't hurt that it is cut in the most flattering of ways. Seriously. The most flattering. I never knew my body even had the potential to give the illusion of curves, but oh did Nili accomplish it. I tried on the navy, because it is on my fall wish list after all, but the deep emerald was a game changer. It matched these black and forest green Alaia heels I have too perfectly to not go with it. It also looked great with this big ass brassy gold and blingy necklace I got years ago from..... drum roll... J Crew (I know. Great find).

Point of today's rambles: if you have a fancy big kid event to go to and you're really lazy and/or just low maintenance, Nili is your girl. This is the perfect dress for so many things - a blank canvas, if you will. I could easily wear this dress again with an oversized sweater and old Converse for a totally different look. Cha-ching. Shop it here.

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