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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Modern Military

Shot this look for work last week and these are some of the stills we got on film. Still can't decide whether I love the almost dirty look of the developed photos or the outfit more. Inspired by the military trend (although I wouldn't exactly call it a trend anymore), I took two of my favorite pieces and made them BFFs. For the first time something that looked really good in my head also looked really good IRL! I know you know how rare this is.

I'm obsessed with this Altuzarra knit and I've been swooning over this Alexander Wang skirt since I saw it at market. Both get brownie points for being extremely wearable (if you need to convince yourself the cost per wear is worth it, I gots plenty of more ideas. You know where to contact me). To jazz things up - pun intended - I went for these Sophia Webster pom-pom shoes (more sizes here). If you're wondering "what pun?" it would probably be helpful for you to know that all my friends call me Jazz and/or Jazzy, but back to the matter at hand.... shoes. I'm starting to realize that every pair of Sophia Webster shoes I once thought were too crazy or impractical are actually so freaking cute that they supersede any logical or rational thinking. You'll get a close up on them once the story goes live for Hirshleifers, but in the meantime....
Top by Altuzarra, skirt by Alexander Wang, shoes by Sophia Webster.

Pictures all by Melissa Butler.

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