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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mixing with Marni

Would I normally pair the below prints together? Most likely not, but in the spirit of Marni, it would have been wrong not to. Marni is like your quirky yet sophisticated grandma whose borderline tacky vintage clothes you want to steal. You're intrigued, a little confused, but you just go for it. Ya know?

My favorite part of this outfit are the pants. They're high-waisted and make it look like I have hips. The best part about them though are their cropped trumpet like wide-legs. If you were to invest in any of the above, make it the pants. Wear them now with a grey, black, navy, military green, or striped t-shirt and later with your favorite sweater. Heels, sneakers, loafers - the world is your oyster. Shoesies are Sophia Webster.

Pictures by Melissa Butler.

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