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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Balenciaga Baby

I've looked and relooked Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 16 collection over five times already. I'm trying to think about all the other collections I really loved, and this one might take the cake. This collection marks Alexander Wang's third, and last, collection for Balenciaga and the words "saving the best for last" have never been more true than in this case. From the dainty, ladylike dresses to little flirty tops paired with baggy cargo pants, and even the minimal jewelry (I'm looking at you, gold dog chain) - each click of the mouse had me falling deeper and deeper in love.

First the dresses. They're heavenly. Like the rest of the collection, they're delicate, feminine, ethereal, and basically every and all synonyms for divine. They ooze innocence - mature innocence if that's possible - annnnnd I found my wedding week/honeymoon uniform. I know, I know.. who knows when that day will come BUT YOU BETTER SAVE SOME OF THESE FOR ME ALEX. Anyway, less about me and more about this terrific collection.

Just when you were like "omg this is so beautiful and girly and look at those ruffles!" Wang hits you with that cool girl edge he's famous for by way of cargo pants so low you can see my briefs, fanny packs (what have I been saying about these!), and dog chains.

I'm pretty sure if Aaliyah were still around today (#rip) she would be wearing one of the above looks to her engagement dinner. or something. The contrast between the 90s lovin' baggy pants and romantic tops is really pulling at my heart strings. Let's also not glaze over Wang's signature athletic vibe via mesh inserts, delicate ribbing, and frill-filled racerbacks. So. much. to. love.

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  1. I totally agree with this post. This was one of my favorite shows from the Spring 2016 runway. The collection was almost a symbol of liberation for Alexander Wang from Balenciaga. It was definitely his strongest collection for the house. I can't wait to wear these baby-doll like frocks during the warmer weather. It was a delicate and strong collection which will be remembered over and over again for some of his most memorable work.