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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Best Purchase Possibly Ever

Remember when math was as easy as finding the common denominator? Good times, huh? I'm having a tough time writing anything, a transition sentence especially, so I'm hoping you get where I'm going with this. My Tabitha Simmons black and white oxfords. I had my eyes on them far before I pulled the plug. At an original $695, for flats that I would probably wear to death and then be pissed about how I ruined them, I just couldn't do it. Responsible me waited and waited and then one glorious day Moda Operandi listed them for $280. Although still hesitant, I knew I would regret passing up on them so I just did it. The rest is history. I have worn them way more than I ever thought I would and they still look pretty damn good. In hindsight, the $695 would have totally been worth it when you take account the cost per wear value but enough of my personal shopping experiences and back to the shoes.

Refinery 29 recently asked me to send over a few of my favorite basics for a list they were creating (full thing here), only one would make the cut. I ended up on RtA's black leather distressed pants, a white button down, and black and white oxfords.

When I first bought them, I didn't think of them as a basic. I mean, they are definitely not basic basic, but they've become a great contributor to my wardrobe. As I told Refinery 29, I still have to get myself to not wear them everyday in hopes of adding longevity to our time together. They have a rock-n-roll Saint Laurent vibe that is just as elegant that it is bad-ass. Unfortunately you can't find them anywhere right now, the closest is probably these Manolo Blahnik ones, but below are a few other options.

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