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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Unexpected Layers

Layering season is here! Weeeeeeee! My most favorite time of the year is this in between time when you can start layering your clothes, but it's not that cold that you need to be super bundled. It's also an interesting time to experiment with your summer favorites in transitioning beyond. My favorite thing to do lately is repurposing my extra-extra large button downs. I'm still very into tying them into a skirt, but lately I really love the idea of layering crop tops or more structured shirts on top. It just looks so fresh and fun and cool ya know what I mean? I haven't had time to shoot any outfits recently but these two Chicistanis below have been sitting pretty on my desktop for a while, soooo here ya go.

Seems easy enough, no? Another styling tip worth trying, and I'm sorry if this makes no sense, I promise I'll get visuals soon, but put on a fitted turtleneck or long sleeve and tie your button down across your chest like a strapless top... ya feels?

Also worth trying if you have a short sleeve poncho you've been wondering why you ever bought....

Ta-da! How cool does this girl look?

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