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Friday, November 6, 2015

You Know Those Vogue Videos...

You know those Vogue videos that have been coming out seasonally? Yes? No? Maybe so? If the answer is no, fear not for they are down below (I swear that rhyme wasn't intentional). If the answer is yes, have you noticed a common denominator? Yup, Jorden Bickham. Executive fashion editor at, it goes without saying that girl has got style. Needless to say she's got quite the eye for clothing, but seemingly for interiors, music, and pretty much everything else.

Video after video, I love each one more and more. I think the one that just came out with Adriana Lima is my favorite.

Obsessed with this song. Then there's also the Paris one...

And then the New York one featuring Young Thug...

Awesome right?!

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