Chicistan: (noun). Land of chic; home of the attractive and fashionable.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Am I French Yet?

In the never-ending quest to achieve that French je ne sais quoi we all know and love obsess over, here's something new to try that doesn't require stripes or forgoing the cleanliness of your hair.

Berets! While doing my daily camera roll scroll I noticed I had taken a screen shot of not one but three beret-clad Chicistanis, and now... well, I'm here. From Brigitte Bardot to some of my favorite street-style stars, to Gucci (I think this hat's comeback might be the result of the Alessandro Michele effect) I'm dubbing the beret the new wide-brim hat. You heard it here first.

Try out the trend with my favorite option right now from Free People. It comes in camel and black, and for $28, you won't hate yourself if you don't end up sporting it as much as you thought you might. Shop it here.

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