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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Leave it to Christine Centenera

Leave it to Christine Centenera to leave me totally obsessed with something Kim Kardashian did. Nothing personal against Kim K, but the world’s obsessive fascination slash consumption of all things Kardashian just really makes me want to avoid the Klan all together. You know what I mean? Anyway, this is not about how America has basically become the E! channel, but rather Christine Centenera and all her magical glory. I’ve posted some of her other editorials before, and this one below just got added to my list of favorites. Wearing at most a simple t-shirt (or sweater), each look was topped off with a corset commissioned by several different designers.

Kim Kardashian photographed by Lachlan Bailey, styled by Christine Centenera, for Vogue Australia June 2016 issue.

I mean if this isn't the best thing Kim has ever done modeling-wise, I'm not sure I know what is. I love how natural and undone she looks. The sporty feel of some of the corsets yet feminine reminder of the garment's history. You know I love me a good juxtaposition and this one of modernity and old-world culture is really doing it for me. Unfortunately though I think this is one of those things that looks so friggin dope in a magazine but might be a little hard to achieve IRL.

For starters it would probably best to not go out in your underwear, so I’d try this out with an oversized t-shirt dress that you can give some shape with a corset-like belt. After some research I came across another obstacle: unless you want to splurge on an Alaia belt, or the now famous Prada one, a nice corset inspired one is hard to find. Countless hours on eBay and Etsy here I come...

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